We the Company, MDK Metal Services built since 2006 High Gloss Finishing machines, in Germany it is called HOCHGLANZVERDICHTEN.

The MDK 02,

Is a Heavy Duty Tool it is constructed of experience and not to look nice or like danger.
The last four years we sold over 300 MDK 02, so we think that is something that speak to us.

The difference between our machines to others is the simple construction.So we have customer in Germany since they already work three years without a defect.


The first years we sold the MDK 2002 with an expensive control to change the processing intensities but before two years we change to an on / off switch, it is much more steadfast.

Our MDK 02 is Equipped with a universal clamping system for different parts such as gear's, motorcycle frame and other cover's out of aluminum.


The pan coated with polyurethane, in shore 76, that material use all the major manufacturers.

Our machines are already in the Czech Republic, Swizerland, Austria and France.

We offer a great machine to a little price!

If you have any questions please let us know, that we help as good as we can!